Photo: Taru Still


I have always been interested in visual designing and have been working as a graphic designer. I have also been fascinated about shoes and I thought why not make them? I can create visual design throught making 3D designs which is super interesting.  

I want to design shoes which are classy, comfortable and long lasting. 


I graduated from Häme University of Applied Science as a footwear designer in the summer 2016. I founded SÄIE company in the end of year 2018 and have been working since towards my dream. Säie means thin thread. Making shoes you use thread sewing the upper.  I wanted the name for my company which is related to shoe making, Finnish nature and aerial. I pay careful attention to the lines, colors and hues of the shoes. I aim to design classy shoes which are also comfortable on your feet. Shoes are beautiful and practical items. Designing them is challenging and interesting.


I think that high quality products need to be easily repaired. My aim is to emphasize long life products instead of consumable items and to work towards sustainable future by developing new footwear for daily use.

I want to design slow fashion because in that way I want also work towards sustainable future. I have only one collection for now and handmade unique shoes.   

I love creating and I get inspiration from my surroundings all the time. Music is close to my heart and it's one source of ideas for me. 60's rock' n roll and mod fashion was stylish era and I want to bring that style to the present day.