SÄIE company had to close up in the end of October, sadly. I thank all of you who have been part of SÄIE story and who has these gorgeous shoes! It's still possible to get shoes from inventory. Contact me info@saie.fi.


Watusi - 164 €

Twist - 159 €

Loco-Motion - 178 €


Here you can find instructions to order right shoes for your size. Length of foot and ball of foot are the most important measurements. Measurements shown are of the inner sole. You can find those measurements from the chart above. Below is the picture where you can see lines which you can measure from your own foot and compare them to the chart above. Ball of foot has to be measured from the widest part of your foot. Remember that new leather shoes can strech in use.


SÄIE footwear has a taste of 60's rock' n roll attitude. My collection has been inspired by 60's music, aesthetics and the mod -style.



I use leather to my shoes because it's the only natural material at the moment which is the most durable, high quality and easiest to take care. However I am interested about the alternative materials and I look forward what the future brings. I don't like to use any other synthetic materials apart from the outsole rubber. 


I use "Goodyear welt" in the sole of men's model shoes. It is very durable and stylish choice attaching the soles to the shoes. It means that the insole, upper and outsole is stiched together. Womens shoes soles is stitched throught with "Blake" -stitch. 


SÄIE is a footwear brand in Finland which manufactures the final products in Portugal. As a designer I want to make shoes which are classy, comfortable, high quality, and long lasting products. I aim to design the products which are easily repaired.

SÄIE footwear has a taste of 60's rock' n roll attitude. I have been inspired by 60's music, aesthetics and the mod -style. I'm originally graphic designer so I pay careful attention to the lines, colors and hues of the shoes. Creating something with your hands fascinates me and it is always a pleasure to see my ideas in the final product. The factory which is manufacturing my shoes has been founded 1965 and I can also join into their ideology: "Men liberate their irreverent bad boy spirit at night, after an intense and formal working day. Women fight the energetic rhythm of their jobs during the day and, at night, following the sound of Rock and roll, feel free and released, becoming seductive as an absolute jungle queen." I play also music myself and it's close to my heart.  I don't want to make rapidly changing collection because I want to work towards sustainable future. I want to make shoes which are classy and long lasting products.